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The 8 Traits of Outstanding People

You ever been around certain people and they seem to have a certain "thing" about them? They have something special inside we wish we possessed inside of ourselves. The good news is we are all capable of excellence.   As we learn about people with that certain characteristic, all we have to do is emulate their character [...]

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4 Tips before you Buy a Fixer-Upper

  What if your dream home just happens to have ancient wiring and a cracked foundation? So you’ve set your sights on a home that, to put it mildly, needs a little repair work. The stairs are creaky, and you’ve noticed a leak (or three). Still, your mind is made up. What’s a love-struck home [...]

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The Basics on Estate Planning

Estate Planning Basics One big concern when designing an estate plan is taxes. After all, it’s the means by which you transfer wealth to inheritors. The act of giving away your property may be subject to taxes on the state or federal level, or even both. In fact, these taxes could be the largest expense [...]

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